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**ALL KITS SOLD WITH FAST HARDENER (please request in the comment section if you need slow hardener) Green Room Board Co.’s Old No. 7 is a 2 part, 100% solids, epoxy based resin and modified cycloaliphatic amine hardener system designed for the production of fiberglass reinforced marine composites (ok, surfboards really but marine composites makes it sound very techie). It has been designed with wet lay-up hand laminations in mind and has an excellent balance of low viscosity for rapid wet out and good air release; quick thin film set time to eliminate drain out; non-blushing, no shrinkage cure even in low temperature and high humidity; self leveling with high gloss; excellent UV stability; and high strength. In addition, it has been engineered to have a lower peak exotherm temperature than most fast setting epoxies, which aids in fin box installations without foam core melting. The system can be used with either the FAST or SLOW hardener or a mixture of the FAST and SLOW to create intermediate cure times. Old No. 7 is designed for a complete cure at room temperature, but can be post cured at elevated temperature to increase its physical properties.
Our original, breakthrough formula that entered the market in 2006. It features state of the art UV stabilization additives and a light blue optical brightener. It accepts tints and pigments very well and is the first choice for laminations over dark colors or with carbon cloth.
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