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Cotton flock is manufactured from pure cotton by a unique process, which reduces the length of the cotton fibers from inches to microns. Cotton flock is used for diverse functions, including the enhancement of dimensional stability and strength in rubber and plastic goods and providing the fiber coating in drapes and gloves.

A cotton flock filler used as a thickening agent to create a general purpose adhesive. When added to epoxy, cotton flock fine grade filler, maintains the excellent wetting characteristics of the epoxy for building and repair jobs.

Also referred to as milled cotton fibers, cotton flock is used as a filler to thicken epoxy resins or to promote adhesion between laminate layers. It offers dimensional stability and enhance compound strength. It is also used for patching and repairing surfaces, although it is not recommended for boat hull repairs. This filler is best suited in areas that will not be submerged or in constant contact with water
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