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Milled Fibers, (1/32'') is a fine powdered glass fiber used as a reinforcement to increase mechanical strengths of resins. Add to fillets for increased strength. Use when laminating to fill tight radius. Use on surfboards, sailboards and kiteboards as reinforcement in combination with glass microspheres around fin boxes and inserts.

Milled fiber has a very fine, dense, powder-like consistency and is used for reinforcing smooth putties for finer, more delicate applications where a heavier chopped strand would be too coarse.

Milled Fibers, (1/32'')

The shorter fiber (1/32") improves finishing characteristics for surface applications. Great to reinforce detailed castings, or blend with epoxy to make a tough outer surfacing coat. Features & Benefits: • Microglass milled fibers are E-glass filaments • Used as a reinforcement in composites to increase mechanical properties (impact, tensile, compressive and flexural), improve dimensional stability and minimize distortion at elevated temperatures.
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